Gender Differences The Meaning of Color for Gender by Natalia Khouw

Gender Differences The Meaning of Color for Gender  by Natalia Khouw

Is there a gender difference in response to color? Although findings are ambiguous, many investigations have indicated that there are differences between gender in preferences for colors. Early investigations done by by Guilford (1934) on the harmony of color combinations found that a person is likely to see balance in colors that are closely related or the opposite. Guilford also found some evidence that more pleasing results were obtained from either very small or very large differences in hue rather than medium differences, with this tendency more frequent in women than men.


In the mid-1950s, John J. Gumperz did fieldwork in India. His research concentrated on face-to-face verbal exchanges.

John J. Gumperz. Professor Gumperz, a linguist at the University of California, Berkeley, who died on Friday at 91, was one of the leading authorities on discourse analysis, which studies not only who says what to whom, but also how it is said and in what context.gumperzobit-articleLarge