Examining Trump’s Speech on El Quds


Last Wednesdy the 6th of December, the US president Donald Trump declared that El Quds (Jerusalem) will be the capital of “Israel”. His declaration ignited protests in different countries around the world. His speech, which lasted for 12 minutes, was considered as provocative and unwise by many Islamic countries. In the following contribution I will try to picture some of the points he mentioned in his speech.

The five top keywords of his speech are:

  1. JERUSALEM with a frequency of 19
  2. ISRAELI or ISRAELIS with a frequency of 16
  3. PALESTINIANS or PALESTINIAN with a frequency of 6
  4. ISRAEL with a frequency of 15
  5. WAIVERS with a frequency of 2

Besides, Trump mentioned the word Aqsa and Haram, Islamic holy places once.


Trump used strong statements to depict the belonging of Jerusalem to the Israeli and the regular expressions he used are: “Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city” or in another expression “to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital”. The following picture depicts the context in wich the word Jerusalem was used.



Through his use of these two words, in one hand, Trump was intelligent enough to coin modernism civility and a history to the Israeli people. He used modern Israeli government and parliament and Supreme Court. On the other hand, the Palestinians were coined the term conflict and peace between them and Israel.

Also the Palestinians were mentioned as a group of people with no nation since the term Palestine was not mentioned in this speech, while Israel, the sovereign nation as Trump  said, was referred to for 14 times as you can check on the following two pictures.




This leads us to conclude that the term Palestine does not exist in the corpus of the American policy and the Palestinians, living in this region as long as the history of humanity is, are considered as a small indigenous community without the right of a sovereign state.

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