Sociolinguistics of Palestinian Arabic

1. Introduction1. Introduction1. Introduction1. Introduction
The aim of this lemma is partly to highlight various studies done over the years analyzingthe high degree of linguistic variability in Palestinian Arabic. More than that, though, thereis a sense that the linguistic situation, and indeed sociolinguistic complexity in Palestinemore generally, are emblematic of the history of region and the speech communitydescribed in these studies. This is a community that has known, in the few decades since thecommencement of scholarly sociolinguistic investigation, significant turmoil anddevastation. It has been divided, partially exiled, and many of its members colonized andforced to learn other languages, further complicating their linguistic, political, andsociological statuses, to name but a few. Palestine is perhaps one of the prime examples of asite for which the study of the speech community and other types of social scientificresearch must continue hand in hand.

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