Tamazight language in Morocco: Is standardization possible?

via Tamazight language in Morocco: Is standardization possible?.


3 thoughts on “Tamazight language in Morocco: Is standardization possible?”

  1. The conclusion was disappointing and I would say also subjective. We can’t just write a short article and decide in the conclusion on the fate of a language. What attempts have you carried out to make such a dramatic conclusion of your own, what research have you carried out to dismiss the possibility of standartdization of Tamazight. Let’s talk about Arabic. Does it have an ideal common core in Arab countries. The answer is certainly no. But, when governments and institutions supported it succeeded in establishing itself as a respectable language. The word diglossia applies more to Arabic language than to any other , language. That is, two language varieties co-existing in one setting ( classical Arabic and colloquial Arabic). This is to say, that Arabic suffers from the same problem as Tamazight.However, contrary to Arabic, Tamazight has little or no institutional support. As for standardization of Tamazight, it’s already done in Algeria.

    1.It has its grammar, phonology, lexicon, and so on and so on.
    2.It has its dictionaries and grammar books.
    3.It has its literature, dating back to 19th century (E.g., poetry of Si Mouha Oumhemand)
    4.It is used in mass media
    5.It is even taught as a foreign language in some western countries

    I think that these are the main factors determined by sociolinguists for standardizing any given language.

    What is doubtful is having a common standardized Tamazight that would cover all Imazighen of the world, mainly North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, morocco, Libya, Mali,and Egypt). This is a matter of political decision and institution support that Tamazight has been victim of.

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